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All of our campers include:

3- pots, 1- pan, cooking utensils, 1- baking sheet, oven mitts, cutting boards,

serving bowls, serving platters, colander,

Keurig, K-cups (dark, med & breakfast blend & decaf), sugar packets, salt & pepper,

dish soap, cleaning spray, sponge, broom, garbage bags
rv toilet paper, 1st aid kit, shampoo, conditioner, body & hand wash, cotton swabs
paper napkins, 50- paper plates, paper towels, 50 ea plastic forks, spoons & knives

coffee mugs, metal silverware, (re-useable) plastic silverware, plates, cups, bowls
fire pit, outdoor carpet, 4 camping chairs, 6-ft folding table

DVD player, family friendly movies, games, coloring books, crayons

solar panel(s) which charges battery & allows for use for Keurig, microwave & fireplace (if applicable)

Full LP Gas & Water Tanks
Sewer, Electric, Water Hooked up (if applicable)
Fridge/Freezer Pre-Cooled

All of our campers come ready to enjoy your stay off the grid!

Each of our campers is fully equipped with an extensive solar systems, inverters and battery banks!

While others offer standard 2200 watt generator which allows you to power most things within the camper, charge phones etc, except AC.... BUT ONLY during designated hours and require the noise and hassle of operating the generator! Our Solar set up, allows you to run everything except the AC without time restrictions, hassle or excessive noise!

Enjoy your morning coffee without waiting until the 9am generator start time!!

All campers are set up to allow off grid use of the following at any time, without any extra hassle during your vacation! Keurig coffee maker, microwave, TV, DVD, radio, refrigerator, lights, phone and other device charging, 12v fans, etc...

For AC operation we offer a 3500 watt Predator Generator in our Add On Packages!

For use of high powered electronics such as a hair dryer, CPAP machine, certain blenders, air fryers, instant pots, we also recommend renting our Generator. 

Don't forget to check out our upgrades and add on packages for the ultimate vacation!

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