At the time of booking, the following is required:

  • Security Deposit: During check-in, we will need to collect a valid credit card to place a "Capture and Release" for $300  (this will be placed through PayPal until 48 hours after checkout)

             -The security deposit will be returned within 48 hours after check-out, providing there is no damage

       beyond normal wear & tear to the unit and if there is no need for extensive cleaning.

              -Should your camper require extensive cleaning, a $150 cleaning fee will be deducted from your                 

       security deposit.

              -If the inventory from the camper/from an add on package is missing, an additional fee(s)

        will be deducted from the security deposit accordingly.


  • At the time of booking, a reservation deposit of 25% of your camper rental will be due. The final, remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to check in. Once you have completed check out, an invoice & camper rental agreement will be sent to you within 48 hours. *PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ADD INFO@TWINFORKCAMPERS.COM TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK! This invoice will provide an option to pay the remaining balance online, a PayPal account is not needed.  All balances must be paid in full 30 days prior to check-in. In the event of cancellation prior to 30 days, you will receive a full refundPlease see our terms and conditions on our camper rental agreement.

  • Delivery Charge- There is a minimum delivery charge of $150 which includes certain campsites. Any additional delivery charges will be included on the final invoice that is e-mailed to you.

      *See delivery fee schedule below for more details!


Please make sure you have your campground reservation BEFORE reserving your camper!





We have a 4 night minimum. For 3 night exceptions at Smiths Point, Indian Island & Wildwood, please contact us to complete your booking.

Security deposits will be refunded within 48 hours of check-out.


*The minimum delivery fee is $150

which includes delivery to Cathedral Pines, Cupsogue (parking lot), Indian Island, Sears Bellows, Smith Point, Southaven & Wildwood State Park.

Delivery to the following locations will be charged an additional delivery fee accordingly:

Outerbeach Cupsogue or Shinnecock -        $150

Cedar Point -                                                      $300

Hither Hills                                                                  $350

Montauk Outerbeach -                                             $400

If you do not see your desired campground, please contact us for the appropriate delivery charge.

Please note the higher Montauk delivery fees are due to the

extent of time it takes to deliver and pick up,

plus the toll it takes on the trucks & campers.

Thank you for your understanding!


You are responsible for making your own campsite reservation with the campground.

BEFORE reserving your camper, be sure to reserve your campsite with the county or state campground. Your CAMPER rental and your CAMPSITE rental are two different things.

A Green Key is required to make a reservation with the County. County Reservations can only be made 90 days or less from desired check in date. For help with your county park reservation, contact the Suffolk County Parks Administration off at 631-854-4949.

For the Suffolk County Campground reservation website please visit: