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Dear Renters,
Normally during check-in, whether you have camped a hundred times or this is your first experience, we walk our renters through the camper to show you how to properly use the camper.

Although we try our hardest to avoid missing our renters, sometimes we are just unable to set up a mutually convenient time to meet. 

Below are some videos that show everything we normally say and do during your walk through. At the very bottom there are also some troubleshooting videos.

This may also be helpful for you in the event that you forgot how to use something, such as the hot water.
If we are unable to meet you, we sincerely apologize and we hope you enjoy your camping adventure!

Remember to please call or text us with any questions you may have 631-553-2876.
Unless specified differently, we will be there to pick the camper up at 10:00AM
on your check out date.

If you leave before we arrive, please close all windows & lock the door.

We thank you for choosing Twin Fork Campers & hope you enjoy your vacation!
Twin Fork Campers